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Distributors Dietary and Energy Supplements-Energy Drinks ST5500-5587-5583


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Job Description

Profile Required: Distributors, Importers, Purchase Group.

Distributors-Importers Dietary and Energy Supplements-Energy Drinks ST5500-5587-5583

A)ST5500 Dietary Supplements, Medical Devices, Cosmetics, Cosmetics dermofunctional.
ST5587 Energy Supplements, Cream with Aloe: Energy Bars, Dietetic Bars, Salt Integrators, Integrators in gel, Vials Super energy BIO, Purifying Line, Specific Cream for Sport and Wellness.

B) ST5583 Effervescent Soft Drink. Contents: taurine and caffeine, (Energy Drink). Products in cans of 250ml, 150ml and PET of 500ml and 700. Fruit Drink wit papaya, kiwi lemon, grapes cherries, lemon, orange apple, strawberry, apple, grapefruit.


Ideal candidates are working or have worked in the field referred the announcement. It will be appreciated C.V. with photo attached.

Company offers

Please send your resume only in English Language filling the below mentioned questionnaire

Do you confirm us your interest to evaluate proposals to Distribute/Purchase the Products specified in the description of the Offer?:

1. Yes I confirm.It is the field from me currently treated or in precedents orders.
2. Yes I confirm. I treat products of complement to yours.
3. I am interested. I know the Branch/Product but currently I don't treat it.

Are you Distributor/Importer-Purchase Group?
1. Distributor/Importer
2. Purchase Group

Are you interested to the proposal A -B- C ?
A. Dietary and Energy Supplements ST5500-5587
B. Energy Drinks ST5583
C. Dietary and Energy Supplements ST5500-5587+Energy Drinks ST5583 and Supplements and Energy Drinks in General

Job type:
full-time, employee
Expiration date:
18 February 2016
20 January 2016


B&B INTERNATIONAL SRL operate in B2B Business Contact in the National and International Market. We were charged by Italian Producers to search Candidates interested to evaluate proposals to Distribute/Purchase products in various fields.