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Application Engineer Turbo

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Job Description

Application Engineering
- Develop, manage and provide the technical specifications of the turbo;
- Advise internal divisions about deviations from specifications produced and supplied parts;
- Establish methods for the production of prototypes, including necessary resources;
- Creating and managing test methodologies for testing turbo (and components), including the necessary tools;
- Analysis of turbo's development after a test, the compilation of this report. Think of the analysis methodologies and the required tools;
- Implement technical calculations on turbo's;
- Design methodologies to check complex technical issues;
- Implement internal "development" projects;
- Regular reporting on activities to direct management, internal and / or external customers.

- Working with a computer;
- Working with hand tools in test mode, prototype shop and technical workshop;
- Dealing with test equipment and measurement equipment.

Complexity / powers
The staff member will determine the order of his activities and working method. He advises in the organization and to customers on technical specifications of a product. Analyze and evaluate new, often complex situations and imagine solutions. Creativity, inventiveness and in-depth technical knowledge are essential.

Responsible for:
- The management of the resources used by the staff;
- Adherence to quality, safety, environmental, health and working conditions and procedures.

Communication with:
- Employees of the various internal departments, the parent company and customers on technical
specifications of the product, technical and IT issues;
- With external suppliers.


Expression skills in foreign languages
The English language is require for:
- Asking for information and answering questions;
- Discussion of specifications both internally and externally;
- Give instructions and / or explanation;
- Presentation of documents relating to design;
- Report of test results;
- Preparation of correspondence.

Company offers

Will be discussed during interviews.

Additional information

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