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Development Instructor

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Job Description

Fighting with The Poor - 18 Months

Through this programme we dare to look at the problems and big issues of our present time right in
the eye, understanding the forces and politics at play. We dare to dream and envision a future for `We the People´ and try to point to modern, lively, inclusive and sustainable ways and solutions.
6 months in Denmark: Studies on important issues about our time; studies and debates to visualize the future of the world, its problems and solutions.
6 months in a Developing country: The second period is a Service Module, meaning that on background of your studies and experiences from the first 6 months of the programme and on background of your life experiences as such, you have understood so much about the inequality and the problems of this world that you find it appropriate to use your forces and skills in a third world country `Fighting with The Poor´.
6 months in Europe/Denmark: Presentations, actions, journalism in the public arena and preparing for your future.


  • You should have 12 years of schooling or equivalent work experience.

  • The teaching language is English. You don't need to be fluent in English, but able to communicate and study in English.

Company offers

Accommodation, food, pocket money, program related transport costs.
B certificate in The fighting with the poor.

Darba sludinājuma numurs

Job type:
Additional info:
temporary, students can apply too
Gross salary: From 800 €/m Before tax
Expiration date:
01 August 2013
01 July 2013
Salary information:
This covers food and accommodation costs.

CV Market´s client

The difference between rich and poor remains the most fundamental contradiction in today's world. Billions of people live in poverty, many of them with no chance of changing their situation if they don't get a helping hand. There is a very big need for people from the rich part of the world to take a solid stand to this and to place themselves shoulder to shoulder with the poor. We know that many people want to do exactly that, and they also want to find somebody to do it together with. It is a long haul - the fight against poverty is not won in a year or two or ten, and it is easy to lose courage if you are not working in unison with many others.

Our programmes contain the training of essential life skills, not only for development work in different parts of the world, but also for living a meaningful life in the 21st century. Taking part in the programmes include a vast array of goals, ambitions and action… it is about ensuring that the work you do has a lasting impact on the people whose lives you touch. It is about creating peace and development between people by being honest, open and incorruptible. It is about deciding to learn new things, being constantly curious and interested in knowing the latest on current events, world politics and scientific progress. It is essentially about working on common ground together, helping to secure the ability of others to be productive in society. Coming together with many likeminded people can make the above a reality.

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Development Instructor
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Employer is asking you to finalize your application on an external website. Please carefully follow further instructions. We hope you get the job!