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Joboffer number #63727

Development Instructor (Denmark and Africa)

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Job ad expired!

Job Description

The practical studies and work are carried out at the school of accommodation and consist of various tasks such as: teaching, social work, maintenance and promotion work, but also cleaning and dishwashing. Basically the Development Instructor (DI)will be taking part of running the school in all of its aspects together with the staff at the school. The DIs will also take part in organising cultural-, musical- and sportive events, working with maintenance at a building weekends and put up a theatre plays. In Africa: In the 8-month period as a Development Instructor at a Humana project in Angola, Mozambique or Malawi, the DI will have the possibility to work with people in some of the poorest parts of the world. You will - in a group of three DIs - choose a specific project and will specialize your preparation towards this during the last six months of your stay in Denmark. In Africa you work in your "Trio" closely together with the project leader and is expected to take your part of the responsibility for a successful running of the project.


- You are open-minded, flexible and motivated to do something good for others.
- You are interested in helping children and young people with special needs and from various backgrounds.
- You are eager to learn and gain experiences in new and unfamiliar work situations.
- Furthermore, you are a hardworking person
- There are no specific academic requirements - but if you want to enroll for the "Double B Certificate in Pedagogy and Fighting With The Poor", you need to have passed 12 years of school. (We do have another DI program which does not have 12 y school requirement)

Company offers

The purpose is to train Development Instructors to be active and competent creators and instructors in Development both for children with special needs in Denmark, and at their projects in Africa.
- You will be hired as a volunteer by one of our three schools in Denmark - Your volunteer salary will cover pocket money (700 Dkr) as well as all expenses related to the program. Periods of fund raising are also included in the program. The rest of the money is spent on the studies in Denmark and the flight tickets for Africa, insurance, vaccination etc.
- During the time at the Humana project in Africa you receive food and accommodation and pocket money (about 700 Dkr).
- You pay an enrolment fee of 400 GBP. Welcome!

Additional information

Contact details
You are very welcome to contact us at any time with questions or things you want to discuss.
DNS Tvind , E-Mail: Phone: 0045 24424133 Website:

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2. Your Email Address
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4. Your Motivation for the Education
5. Your Questions
Looking forward to hear from you. Kindly, Mrs Puk Billeskov

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Job type:
Additional info:
contract worker
Gross salary: 80 - 400 €/m Before tax
Expiration date:
30 October 2011
30 September 2011
Salary information:
Volunteer salary covers food, accom, pocket money and Africa expenses

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DNS Tvind in cooperation with One World University

Volunteer Program - B certificate in “Pedagogy” and “Fighting with The Poor”
1st period is 12 months long in Denmark. (Working with second-hand clothes collection or as assistant teacher in Day school + Studies and Exams.)
2nd period is 8 months long in Africa or India working a Humana Project – read
3rd period is 4 months long in Denmark. (Teaching for funds + making The Journal. Final Exams)

We offer unique opportunities to face some of the necessities of our times, with action and solidarity with The Poor of our world. Our program contains the training of essential life skills and for living a meaningful life in the 21st century. Taking part in the program includes a vast array of goals, ambitions and action.... it is about ensuring the experiences you gain have a long lasting impact on the people whose lives you touch. It is about creating peace and development between people by being honest, open and incurraptable. It is about deciding to learn new things, being constantly curious and interested in knowing the latest on current events, world politics and scientific progress. It is essiantially about working on common ground together, helping to secure the ability of others to be productive in society. Coming together with many like-minded people can make the above a reality.

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Development Instructor (Denmark and Africa)
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Employer is asking you to finalize your application on an external website. Please carefully follow further instructions. We hope you get the job!