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First Officer within the Coordination/Projects and Application Maintenance Unit of the IMT Department


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Job Description

Main tasks and responsibilities
Within its domain of competence, and working as part of the Architecture team, the Information Security Architect will be responsible for the following general tasks:

  • Produce, maintain, update, disseminate, and expand the set of architecture baseline documentation;
  • Take up technical assurance roles on IT development projects;
  • Sponsor, drive, and manage the delivery of technical solutions with architectural relevance;
  • Be responsible for the product management of technical sub-systems of the integrated Europol computerized system;
  • Monitor new promising technologies and analyse their applicability to Europol;
  • Monitor and/or participate to selected EU, law enforcement, or other relevant forums, and sponsor adoption of interfaces and standards;
  • Take up solution design roles in IT development projects.
With relation to its specific area of competence, the Information Security Architect will:
  • Perform security risk assessments of information systems, including applications, middleware, system software, infrastructure, data and voice networks;
  • Define the security elements of the Europol integrated IT architecture, at the application, technical, infrastructure, and IT operations levels;
  • Based on security policies, data confidentiality regulations, and risk assessment results, define or upgrade system-specific security requirements for IT solutions (application and infrastructure), and accompany them through the approval process;
  • Drive the evaluation and selection of the security technology products that are required to implement the selected security technical controls;
  • Design and specify technical security controls, providing detailed guidance and review for their implementation and configuration;
  • Write information security technical standards.


General Requirements

  • Be a national of one of the Member States of the European Union;
  • Ten years or more relevant IT experience, of which at least 5 in relevant Enterprise Architecture roles;
  • University degree in Computer Science or equivalent academic qualifications in the area of Information Technology;
  • Sound knowledge (oral and written) of at least two EU official languages, including English; the knowledge of a Eastern EU language would also be taken into consideration as an extra personal skill;
  • Good PC skills with professional competence on the Microsoft Office product suite, including MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Visio and MS Project;
  • Work experience in a complex public sector environment, or at least in a highly regulated environment with an articulated governance model would be an advantage.

Specific Skills and Competencies Required
  • Enterprise architecture experience
The ideal candidate has substantial experience in the processes and methods of an established enterprise architecture function, involved in architecture definition, specification, change management, and in providing architecture supervision and support to IT delivery projects. Experience was gained in a large organisation, preferably multi-national.
  • Standard architecture frameworks
The ideal candidate is knowledgeable of recognised enterprise architecture frameworks (such as the Zachman Architecture Framework or The Open Group Architecture Framework).
  • General Architecture Modelling skills
The ideal candidate has developed relevant and outstanding skills in the conceptualisation, modelling, and visualisation of architecture models and designs, and can create multiple views of a single architecture model to fit different communication purposes meant for different audiences; knowledge of UML or equivalent modelling techniques is an advantage.
  • Domain areas expertise
The ideal candidate must have relevant knowledge and experience in the concepts, methods, techniques, and representative products in the following domain areas:
o Identity and access management
o Authentication methods and techniques
o Authorisation models, including RBAC
o Use of cryptography and cryptographic technology
o Network security, including VPN technology
o VoIP security
o Internet security
o Application security, including application gateways and secure session management
o Firewall, host and network intrusion prevention, detection, and anti-virus technologies
o Vulnerability assessment and security compliance
o Secure remote access
o PKI and LDAP directories
o Security of web services

Knowledge and experience in the following domains will be regarded as a plus:
o Windows .NET security and Windows security APIs
o Biometrics
o TEMPEST concepts and techniques
o Computer forensics

General Professional Skills Profile
  • Logical, structured and systematic thinking;
  • Ability to express ideas in clear and concise language;
  • Creative and analytical problem solving skills;
  • Project management experience;
  • Work experience in a complex public sector environment, or at least in a highly regulated environment with an articulated governance model, would be an advantage;
  • A high sense of co-operation, team working, and flexibility;
  • Team leading and general leadership skills and experience;
  • Ability to organise, plan and implement work assignments, for own work and for team’s work, manage competing demands and work under pressure of tight deadlines;
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to establish and maintain effective working relations with co-workers in a multi-cultural and multi-national work environment.

Company offers

Basic salary scale 6 – 5 562,82 (tax deduction within Europol is approx. 8-10%)
In addition, when relevant, family allowances can be granted:

  • 5% of the basic salary – household allowance;
  • EUR 275,04 (Net) - per dependant child;
  • EUR 896,90 (Net) – expatriation allowance
  • Additional benefits (annual trip home, education, rent and other allowances, excellent health insurance, etc).
Social contributions and taxes have to be deducted from the above mentioned amounts.

Additional information

Applicants are required to fill out the Europol application form in English and submit it together with a curriculum vitae. Further information, including general conditions of employment and the application form can be obtained at the Europol web site ( or by calling the HR unit - +31703025334/298.

Foreign country
Job type:
full-time, employee
Expiration date:
26 April 2007
13 April 2007


Europol considers that a balanced representation of women and men is important just as an adequate representation of nationals of all Member States and of the official languages of the European Union. Therefore Europol encourages particularly women from all Member States to apply for these vacancies.

Europol is the European Union law enforcement organisation that handles criminal intelligence. Its aim is to improve the effectiveness and co operation between the competent authorities of the Member States in preventing and combating serious international organised crime. The mission of Europol is to make a significant contribution to the European Union\'s law enforcement action against organised crime, with an emphasis on targeting criminal organisations.

The development, operations, and maintenance of the Europol computerised system, including all the required network and infrastructure components are under the responsibility of the Information Management and Technology (IMT) Department.