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Foreman C/R-line turbo

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Job Description

Goal: Leading the production department C/R-line. The function: You will lead the department cartridge line. In this department our high turbo´s are assembled which meet the highest priorities quality standard. Moreover it allows you to produce work of the commission and maintenance of the production lines, together with other departments. Use of a continuous improvement policy regarding the production and making suggestions for improvement. Description of work Production process
  • Based on the planning of the planning department by determining the sequence of work, taking into account lead times, conversion times and priorities.
  • If necessary, take measures to availability of parts, drawings, etc. in order to achieve unimpeded production to proceed.
  • Verify if the correct (size) for the right type turbo charger is used.
  • Ensure proper use and maintenance of existing production machinery and tools.
  • Ensure to resolve serious (re)production failures on production machines by self tinkering, set machines and if necessary turn on Production Engineering or Maintenance.
  • Monitors repair and failure history of the various production machinery.
  • Thinking about functionality and advise to buy new machines.
  • Up to date of check sheets, work and machine instructions and arrange for completion / compliance.
  • Analysis of production data and if necessary take measures to improvements / optimization of the manufacturing and production.
  • Carry out random checks with the finished products to check if they meet prescribed tolerances, sizes, etc. Leadership
  • Managing the C/R line by ensuring optimal staffing, proper use of people, sharing of work between the supervisors and team leaders and to monitor progress.
  • Replaces the Foreman´s absence for the day to day business. Other
  • Provision of administration such as registration of absence through illness, presence, free days, sabbatical, to report an employee in good health again (after illness). Processing of production data such as non-conformity, numbers, quality, scrap, etc. in an automated system.
  • Ordering items at the Department of Purchase (grinding wheels, tools, cabinets, office supplies, etc.).
  • Prepare the department for internal and external audits (customer, QA, ISO).
  • Coordination of rework and sift a matter out.
  • To obtain a set of efficiency targets, such as reducing absenteeism, increasing cycle time, production numbers, hours, etc.
  • Be present at meetings to promote the interests and the progress of the department. And to discuss the scrap, planning etc. Compound/ powers Receives commands from the Turbo Production Manager, Assistant Production Manager, Production Engineering, QA / QC. Works on the basis of order diagrams of the Planning Department, safety, quality and working conditions and regulations. He parts the production teams. Determines the order and set priorities in the work. Take measures to ensure quality and progress. Determines whether or not components may be used in the production. He should find solutions to problems. Determines when the production has to be shut down for upgrade, maintenance, spare parts or related safety. He determines whether overtime should be. Responsibility
  • Timely and appropriate manner to produce cartridge parts for turbo chargers that will meet the required specifications and quality requirements.
  • Accuracy of the work prepared and machine instructions.
  • Obtaining the set of efficiency targets.
  • Adherence to quality, safety, environmental, health and safety rules and procedures. Communications with:
  • Assistant Production Manager Turbo, Turbo Production Manager when reporting, discuss the progress, discuss issues, advice, etc.
  • Planning to discuss the problems with production orders, shortage of parts, etc.
  • Production Engineering and Maintenance when discussing failures, optimizing the production process.
  • Purchase, QA / QC to explain purchase orders, discuss quality problems.
  • P & O in the control of personnel matters.
  • (Inter) national customers, employees ISO, rating agencies, etc. to answer technical questions and provide information during external audits.
  • Suppliers to discuss new aid to purchase, gather information.
  • Preparation of reports and records. Leadership Lead directly to Supervisor and Team Leaders. This lead is relating to:
  • Encourage and motivate.
  • Ensure education and training.
  • Ensure compliance of quality, safety, environmental, health and working conditions and procedures.
  • Use of job evaluation, assessment interviews and job interviews.
  • Advising on personnel matters such as employ, dismissal, granting leave.
  • Requirements

    Who you are: You have an higher vocational education (technical) and at least 3 years experience in management in a production environment. Knowledge of English is a requirement, knowledge of assembly processes is a plus. Manual control skill
  • Use of hand tools such as screwdrivers, tools to resolve disturbances and set up the machinery.
  • The machines.
  • Use of measuring tools such as R-meter, measuring bench, micrometer, measuring bench to make sure that the correct size is used. Expression skills in foreign languages The English language is required by:
  • Prepare papers and reports.
  • Participate in meetings and conducting interviews.
  • Providing information to external audits.
  • Company offers

    The offer: We offer you a mark in accordance with employment package. The atmosphere is open and informal. We encourage growth and development, and support this by providing internal and external training.

    Additional information

    If you are interested, please send us your CV in English to ricanek@optima-recruit.cz