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Job Description

Detailed responsibilities:
  • Handling line numbering and to set up piping line schedules.
  • Determining the layout of equipment with respect to process, maintenance, operation and cost.
  • Preparing plan drawings independently and piping studies with the use of plot plan, diagrams, preliminary process data sheets, etc., in accordance with instructions, standards etc.
  • Determining the location of connections on equipment ( in accordance with procedure).
  • Checking of simple pipeline systems on the basis of the Standard Checking Procedure.
  • Giving guidance on drafting and details to draftsmen/women.
  • Supporting simple piping systems.
  • Determining the choice of spring supports.
  • Making, with the aid of graphs and tables, of logical layouts of simple piping, keeping in mind expansion, using a minimum of elbows, fittings and pipe.
  • Aforementioned drafting and design activities are preferably executed manually as well as with available CAD system (AutoCAD/PDS).
  • As required, must take on assignments which fall under the aforementioned tasks.
  • Attending meetings with client and vendors, attending inter-disciplinair meetings.
  • Requirements

  • MTS or equivalent, with a good command of the English language both spoken and in writing.
  • Preferably 5-8 years experience in an engineering environment.
  • Familiar with relevant engineering software programmes.
  • Preferably familiar with classification society rules and design codes.
  • Communicative skills.
  • Customer focused.
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    Additional information

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