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Project engineer turbo

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Job Description

Project management
The staff member has the technical project leadership in the development series of multidisciplinary projects relating to:
- Design and validation of a turbo charger application within the prescribed timing;
- Lead up / coordinate activities of the internal project team members;
- Discuss, plan, coordinate (and partly implementation) of the engineering activities during a project between
the different internal departments, the customer, suppliers and head office;
- Hold a project progress discussions with the project manager at the client;
- Early observe and prevention of potential problems in the project progress;
- Coordinate and define solutions to (production related) problems and their possible changes related to
turbo chargers that are already in series production.

Advice and information
- Advising clients in collaboration with internal departments as opportunities to offer concepts, etc.;
- Monitoring of technical developments in the European market and the level of technical expertise.
Relevant developments and information management and reporting to headquarters when they are
important for the company;
- Inform project team, management, supplier and customer during project meetings on the status of the
engineering activities in the project.

- Reports (hierarchical) to the Manager Engineering;
- Reports (regular) to Project Leader, project team and head on status and progress of projects;
- Hold regular project progress meetings with the customer, supplier (s) and / or internal departments;
- Reports by meeting minutes internal and to the head office.


Manual control skills
- Work with computer and telephone;
- Noise Measuring Equipment, Actuator adjusting equipment and making measurements on costly
prototype engines (or parts);
- Endoscope, Stethoscope, Seeger Ring Tang.

Responsibility for:
- Development of the turbo application within a project specification to validated product;
- To obtain the stated project objectives regarding development and the timing in each project;
- Preparation of technical specifications necessary for purchases of both prototype and mass production
- Technical communication among engineering customers, internal engineering, engineering
headquarters and European suppliers;
- A representative and reliable representation of the organization;
- The height of developments in the market.

Communications with:
- Project management at the customer, supplier, internal project teams and headquarters on
all (technical) aspects of a project;
- The internal departments involved in the project on engineering matters (sales, production engineering,
purchasing, quality etc.).

The way in which the staff member presents him selves, the organization and products / services contributes greatly to customer satisfaction and the chance of gaining new orders in the future. Technical knowledge, tactical and clear communication is essential in the consensus of the technical requirements of customers with those of the company.

Expression skills in foreign languages
Is required for:
- Consultation with management and colleagues;
- Periodic Report;
- Holding of a project presentations and discussions with customers, suppliers or internally;
- Introduce the organization and its products / services to (potential) customers, make appointments, etc.;
- Conducting in-depth technical discussions.
At times in the English and German or French language.

Company offers

Will be discussed during interviews.

Additional information

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