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Software Engineer Industrial Automatisation


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Job Description

· On the basis of the obtained information provide the software according to the received instructions and directives;
· Compiling a logbook of the projects to handle;
· Coordinating and creating a schedule of the projects entrusted to the candidate;
· Take part in project team meetings within the Department of Industrial Automation;
· Possible discussion about programming for the process;
· Ensuring a clear and up-to-date technical documentation for use within the Department of Industrial Automatisation;
· Conducting technical correspondence within the Department of Industrial Automatisation;
· Tracking of technical developments in his field which may affect the
· Into operation of the installation and deal with disturbances when they are calling for assistance;
· Correctly transfer of command came in joint projects to the designated leader of the project team;
· Responsible for his own projects for implementation;
· Responsible for making back-ups of the software;

Composite / competence
The staff member works independently within the team of software engineers and is authorized to design at his owns discretion and can also create his own order and working method with in the conditions of the company.

· Designing a good software design based on the specifications supplied or self established;
· For the achievement of agreed deadlines and quality set by team leader Industrial Automatisation or of the project in which they work;
· Timely reporting of problems which could make the progress / quality endanger

Communication with:

· Team Leader Software Industrial Automatisation on the progress of the work
· Co software engineers about the work to be carried out
· Internal customers and colleagues
· Suppliers

Expressions proficiency in foreign languages
The English language is required for:
· All of the above mentioned communication: with supplier, management and colleagues

· HTS (Higher Technical Education) or MTS (Secondary Technical Education) Electro engineering


Manual skills
· Working with a computer + installed software (MS Office, PLC software, Multi GX developer, GX IEC Developer, Robot Software, E-designer, Visual Basic 6+);
· Working with measuring tools (multi meter, scope)

Specifically for the function required knowledge
· Networks: CC link, Ethernet, Profibus, ASIbus

Company offers

Well-paid and fulfilling position.

Additional information

Please send your CV and motivation letter to

Job type:
full-time, employee
Expiration date:
27 July 2008
27 June 2008
Gross salary:
From 2800 up to 3500 EUR monthly