2023-04-13 14:47:21

Software Service Engineer

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Job Description

You will be based in the Applications Service group where you will support our clients with their installed base of company systems. You are the focal point for our client for both service calls and small modifications to these systems. For service calls you will have to do a thorough investigation of the problem to find the optimal solution. For the small modifications you will be designing, coding, testing and documenting the modifications. Installation is either via a remote connection or on site. Both the service calls and small modifications have a strong software oriented way of working.

- Support our clients and your colleagues with our systems. This can be via mail, phone or presence on-site.
- Handle service calls both administrative and technical
- Regarding service calls this means a thorough problem analysis followed by the optimal solution including site installation and test
- Regarding the small modifications this means design, implement, test and document followed by installation and test on site either via remote connection of by presence on-site.
- Participate in the 24x7 standby service. Most of the systems have a remote connection and can be connected from your home.


- Good general IT background knowledge: keywords are: networking, operating systems (Windows and Unix), communication techniques
- Application knowledge preferable in the Oil & Gas industry.
- Several year experience with 3GL and 4GL programming languages (Oracle, SQL, C, C++, C#). Knowledge of Java would be a plus.
- Flexible to learn 'foreign' software and hardware which is not part of the our system.
- Quality oriented both from a technical and procedural point of view.
- Fluent in English both verbal and writing. Additionally fluent in at least one other European language.
- Willing to travel incidentally.
- Depending of the actual work requirements part of the job will be done at the client location.

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