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Team leader maintenance

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Job Description

Description of work Maintenance
  • The coordination of the maintenance activities related to the disruption of production lines (corrective maintenance).
  • To give direct leading to Service Engineers.
  • Supporting the preparation, planning of maintenance activities (preventive maintenance).
  • Daily informing state of affairs direction Head Maintenance and Production
  • Identify developments in the field, developing proposals for improvements, innovations and cost reduction of technical services and the technical condition of the installations, to optimize the reliability and availability of facilities. Projects
  • To assess the quality of installations
  • To asses the quality of the repairs Enhance proposal
  • Advises on the development and optimization of the operating procedures.
  • Find and report the need for changes / adjustments in the correct maintenance policy. Work capacity and personnel quality
  • On the basis of indicators such as production, departmental plans, productivity of the present occupation, the candidate has to establish the employ policy;
  • Selecting employees of contractors on the basis of expertise and employability. Quality assurance and quality HSE
  • Assess the need to implement KAM directives, instructions, legal and corporate requirements, etc. in the preventive maintenance.
  • To inform and instructing (not own) employees.
  • Providing advice on management and actively work towards improvement. Quality technical modification advise
  • Ensure the timely implementation of inspections
  • Rate of frequent technical failures and propose improvements or investing in new installations (parts). Systems and procedures
  • Ensure the keep the maintenance of Maintenance Management System up-to-date Management information
  • Collect, organize and report data on the progress of the preventive maintenance.
  • Evaluation and specify the necessary spending for corrective maintenance; Composite / powers Receives the contract from the Head of Maintenance or generate it on his own. The candidate classifies the work and provides the method of approach mostly independently. Responsibility
  • Supporting responsible for the preparation / implementation of (preventive) maintenance on electrical and mechanical fields;
  • Co-responsible for short-and long-term maintenance plans;
  • Compliance with the security and safety requirements and procedures of outside personnel
  • The work is occasionally monitored by Head Maintenance. Communication with:
  • Head Maintenance in receiving contracts, advising on replacement, repair, discussing problems, etc.;
  • Reliability Engineer regarding maintenance and improvement projects and revision work and preventive stops.
  • Coleagues of the Project Engineering and Maintenance divisions in the exchange / transfer of information.
  • Foremen / assemblers of foreign companies in carrying out repairs, maintenance.
  • Foremen, supervisors and operators of production Leadership
  • Provides functional leadership to service engineers/ contractor / contractors who are employed for maintenance, projects and maintenance stops.
  • Requirements

  • Working with a keyboard
  • Occasionally providing technical assistance in complex interference and / or work. Foreign languages skills The English language is used for:
  • Exchanging information with foreign colleagues.
  • Contact with foreign firms The German language is used for:
  • Exchanging information with German firms / staff Education Higher professional education (electro / installation technique, mechanical engineering)
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