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Job Description

• To perform electrical diagnostic tests and maintenance.
• To repair malfunctioning components, engines, change brakes, adjust steering systems, replace worn-out parts and change hydraulic fluids.
• In addition, there will be existing tasks that occur naturally in connection with the above.


• Has professional education –Vehicle Mechanic.
• Has experience of performing diagnostic tests and maintenance of trucks.
• Truck drivers license.
• Can understand and communicate in basic English.

Company offers

• Permanent work in Denmark with Danish social guarantees.
• Gross salary: normal working hours 125 Dkk / h (16,80 EUR/h gross) plus individual attendance bonus of minimum 30,00 Dkk/h (4,03 EUR/h gross).
• Overtime gross: the first 2 hours 39.80 Dkk/h (5,40 Eur/h), the next 2 hours 61.65 Dkk/h (8,29 Eur/h) and then 112.25 Dkk (15,09 Eur/h). Example: if normal work day ends at 16.00, 2 hours work from 16.00 to 18.00 will be: (125 Dkk + 39.80 Dkk + 30.00 Dkk)x2.
• Work week: 37 hours.
• Overtime and weekend job is paid extra.
• Normal working hours are divided into 8 hours Monday & Tuesday but 7 hours Wednesday to Friday.
• 1 hour self-paid break during the day.
• Working on Saturday: 216,65 Dkk/h (29,11 Eur /h).

The Danish company will help with finding a place to live close to the workplace and arranging residence permit, bank account and other practicalities in Denmark.Help to find relevant job to family members.

Apply as soon as possible. As soon as contract will be signed - job ad will be closed.

The contract with the potential candidate(s) will be signed before leaving for Denmark.

If you are interested in this job offer, please press "Apply now" ("Pieteikties").

Job type:
full-time, employee
Expiration date:
2019. gada 9. marts
2019. gada 11. februāris
Gross salary:
From 21 up to 29 EUR hourly
Registration number
Company reg code: 40103555124

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Truck Mechanic


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