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Job Description

Hi, my name is Tomass (tautība – latvietis).
I own two growing businesses (online and offline) and need some admin support - hopefully you can help!


WHO I'M LOOKING FOR 1) You Suit Our Style of Online work • you are flexible to work – throughout the day (it can be early morning or even late evening sometimes). • you’re good at written and spoken English and it would be good to know the Russian language (protams, jāzin arī latviešu valoda). • you're tech-comfortable. If you can navigate Facebook and YouTube easily, you've got enough internet chops, however would be good that you know even a bit more about tech things. • you've got reliable high-speed internet connection. 2) You Love Checklists I love checklists.Whatever we do we must think- can this be made as procedure and with checklists. 3) You Really Enjoy Admin Support If you're someone who loves to coordinate, this job might be for you. I’m looking for someone to handle different and various things: talk with designers,programmers and other freelancers; research and contact suppliers for various products in overseas market; set up and schedule meetings and set appointments in my calendar; order online tickets, book hotels; find the best price for certain products and arrange the purchase and deliveries; assist in bookkeeping; help with online marketing and social media platforms. ..and even help me coordinate a few personal tasks like scheduling contractors (e.g. lawn maintenance or find and book a handy-man),find and book private event staff or research the best price for electronics or other items. I’m hoping you can also help with some basic online work such as updating our website, and tasks like uploading YouTube videos. Of course, full training will be provided. I’m also hoping you’ll help to create checklists (and follow them too) so we can keep quality really high on everything we do. Later it's easy to learn and execute tasks because everything is so step-by-step, just like a good recipe! Again, training will be provided on how we should set up our checklists. I haven’t counted all jobs you will need to do as there are a lot of them, but you can get an idea. YES - THIS JOB IS FLEXIBLE ! 95%+ of your role can be done any time(s) of the day, any day(s) of the week. I'll give you a task and a deadline; when you work on it is completely up to you. It’s good to have a structured company and that’s why I need someone like you. You will know what success looks like. Note: if you're a super free-spirited person, dislike structure / authority, and/or you prefer clutter to order (just look at your desk right now), this position probably won't work for you. Loving to follow *and* create checklists is crucial for this role.

Company offers

• Timeline: starting as soon as I find someone qualified, although I don't need to rush. • 30-Day Trial: we'll start with a paid 30-day trial to see how it goes. If we both like the experience, we'll carry on. • Hours: between 10-15 hours per week to begin with, but this will grow as you become more familiar with the tasks. Pay: 6.50 EUR/hour. If you are interested in this job offer, please press "Apply now" ("Pieteikties").