2023-04-13 14:47:21

CNC-machine operator

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3200 - 4200 €/m Gross

Job Description

For permanent work in Denmark, the Danish company Trier Industries is offering full time job to metalworking CNC machine tool operator with experience in working with CNC lathe and/or milling equipment. The company will help with finding a place to live close to the workplace and arranging residence permit, bank account and other practicalities in Denmark. Apply as soon as possible. Only 2 vacancies are available. As soon as contract will be signed - job ad will be closed. The contract with the potential candidate(s) will be signed before leaving for Denmark.


  • experience in working with CNC equipment - rotation or milling;
  • experience in setting up equipment and programming;
  • skills to read drawings and work independently;
  • can program for example in Fanuc, Hass, Heidenheim or Okuma;
  • experience in working with different metals;
  • good English communication skills;
  • Company offers

  • permanent-long-term work in Denmark;
  • one evening shift;
  • one night shift;
  • salary based on qualification and set by Danish trade union;
  • 37 h working week; 21 Eur/h gross (160 DKK/h day shift gross);
  • evening and night shift get extra pay from 3,5 Eur to 5,65 Eur per h;
  • insurance;
  • salary every 14 days. If you are interested in this job offer, please press "Apply now" ("Pieteikties").