2023-04-13 14:47:21

Warehouse Worker

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From 9.33 €/h Gross

Job Description

  • Last section on chickens factory. The work consists in stacking boxes / crates to pallets.
  • Preparation of shipping pallets (Pompwagen driving). Each box have wage around 10-15 kilograms, which means that the work is heavy.
  • Requirements

  • We expect from the candidate a 180 cm tall and communicative language (English, Dutch, German).
  • On the expedition it is cold about 3 degrees on the plus side. Work for tough guys.
  • Company offers

    Earnings: Factory 1.
  • 9.53 gross - for everybody, without age/ hour work + 12.5% extra for the fact of working on shifts. Factory 2.
  • 9.53 gross –without age, for everybody / per hour Factory 3.
  • 9.33 gross (22 years old)
  • 8.40 gross (21 years old)
  • 7.70 gross (20 years old)
  • 7.00 gross (19 years old)
  • 6.30 gross (18 years old), + 12.5% extra per hour for the fact of working on shifts.
  • Accommodation and payment:
  • We have hotels, cottage bungalows. Double rooms, also for couples. Houses have kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms. The entire assortment is on place.
  • Employees must take the sleepping set: quilt, pillow, sheet, covers.
  • The first payment is after 1.5 weeks, so at that time people must have money to buy food, pay transport to work, etc. We send payments to bank accounts. If you are interested in this job offer, please press "Apply now" ("Pieteikties").