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Kotlin Developer

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About the company

Neotech Development in Riga exists already 5 years, currently a little over 50 people have found their sense of belonging here. Also, there are technical offices in Tallinn and Minsk. The company was founded in 2011, and we are located in the most beautiful office near the National Library of Latvia with free parking nearby.

As a company, we care about the mental and physical well-being of our employees by having flexible working hours, health insurance, modern work appliances, snacks and other extras. Our people are truly pleasant to work with, the projects are challenging and overtime is missing.

Prasības kandidātiem

About you

You should know your way around building web-based software, be comfortable with our technology stack and exploring new tools on your own. Also, we are open to candidates with any equivalent experience and are willing to switch.

Our team strives for clean, maintainable code with well-designed architecture and strict quality control. We expect you to share our views and overcome daily challenges together with us.

Uzņēmums piedāvā

About the team

What do we do?

We are responsible for several internal services which are supporting the day-to-day operations of our main product. Some of them automate management of our infrastructure, while others integrate with our partner platforms.

What is our team structure?

Our team consists of 5 developers, 2 QA, and 1 project manager. We work closely with DevOps, application support teams, and product owners.

What are our ways of working?

From an organizational point of view, we are trying to "keep it simple" - daily updates as text messages in slack, a couple of weekly sync meetings, tasks go from left to right in a kanban-ish sort of way.

From an engineering point of view, we "test", "automate", "document" and "write code that will not be too painful to support in the future". This includes various things like code reviews, extensive test suites at different levels, CI pipelines for everything, monitoring, code analysis, linting and so on.

What technologies do we use?

We primarily develop cloud-native applications and heavily rely on Kotlin. Additionally, we use a little bit of Go and Java here and there.

Messaging is done mainly through RabbitMQ (and a bit of Kafka). Data is stored in MySQL / PostgreSQL, Redis.

We have a bit of UI written in Vue.js.

Everything is packaged as Docker containers and deployed to Kubernetes.

How do we work during a global pandemic?

Currently, we work from home until the situation is back to normal. Meanwhile, we communicate and collaborate exclusively through Slack.

Just because all communication is through slack doesn't mean the social aspect of our work has to stop, hence we are conducting various experiments to find a nice solution that can make everybody feel at least slightly less alone when working from home. For example, currently, we're practicing weekly chit-chat calls every Friday evening. We're also occasionally calling each other to kind of work together and chat. Since this is not mandatory, we've found that we do enjoy these types of calls.