2023-04-13 14:47:21

Personal assistant

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Job Description

We are planning to live in Riga for a year and seeking an assistant for the remote work. This option would be perfect for students, because it is not a full-time work and rather a part-time job. Your duties may vary, for example:
  • To drive guests from and to the airport (the car will be given).
  • To make reservations at restaurants.
  • To get information about different issues, such as local doctors, hairdressers, pharmacies, medicines, other things that could be needed in every-day life;
  • To find guides.
  • To translate from Latvian into Russian such information as product composition, some advertisement etc.
  • To help finding some certain products.
  • These duties are approximate and may vary from the needs of the Employer.
  • Requirements

  • Good level of English, Latvian, Russian.
  • Driver's license (desirable).
  • Dynamic, energetic.
  • Punctual, responsible.
  • Good knowledge of the city you live in (Riga).
  • It is a remote job and it does not involve full-time employment.
  • You only have to always keep in touch on the phone.
  • Video-resume is a must. If you are interested in this job offer, please press "Apply now" ("Pieteikties").