2023-04-13 14:47:21
Luminor Bank AS Latvijas filiāle, AKF

Luminor Bank AS Latvijas filiāle, AKF vakances

Uzņēmuma apraksts
33 749
Skatījumu skaits
Reģistrācijas Nr. 40203154352
"Luminor" ir mūsdienīga un uzņēmīga banka, kas radīta, balstoties uz dzīves stilu un biznesa pieeju Baltijā. Izveidojot jaunu banku, mēs vēlamies radīt labāku rītdienu privātpersonām, uzņēmējiem un sabiedrībai kopumā. Bankas darbības pamatā ir trīs atslēgas principi: cilvēki pirmajā vietā, kvalitāte it visā un skaidrs fokuss.

The Baltics are a special land, where people share common values, are connected by similar drive and vision. People like this deserve their own bank that is like the Baltics themselves – dynamic, agile, and forward-looking. Independent, but stronger for being together. It is our privilege to be that bank​!

We want to make a difference and have a voice in society, to shape the economic environment with the future in mind, and to contribute to our home region. We know the local people and businesses and we want to be the preferred partner in financial matters for our customers. We will do that by being accessible, fast and predictable.

Being pan-Baltic gives us the size and the strength to make a real difference, while still being a local bank. Although we have Nordic roots, we were born here, and we make our decisions here. We combine global knowledge with local expertise.

Luminor is the third-largest provider of financial services in the Baltics, with some 870 000 clients and 2 300 employees. In the Baltic region, it has a market share of 14.9% in deposits and 16.9% in lending as at the end of March 2021. Luminor has total shareholders’ equity of 1.7 billion EUR and a CET1 ratio of 23.4%.

Luminor has a strong and capable team that is committed to achieving our strategic objectives. We are dedicated to supporting sustainable growth in the Baltic region by providing a long-term commitment to businesses and individuals.